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Knowing we have life

The apostle John wrote to those who believed in the name of the Son of God so that they would know they have eternal life. Jesus Himself said that eternal life was to ‘know the Father and Jesus Christ’. Through his writings, the apostle John clearly identified how a person can know that they have eternal life. He said that we know we have eternal life because:

    - We know the Father and our life is in Christ.
    - We have received the life of Jesus.
    - We have been given a specific understanding from Jesus, enabling us to believe.
    - We have exercised the right given to us to believe for sonship.
    - We fellowship in the body of Christ and love the brethren.
    - We have received sanctification as a special gift. The result is that we are able to demonstrate in our lives that we have eternal life, now.
      As we continue to live this way, our reward is life forevermore in the new heavens and earth.